Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skype, I love you.

You ever have one of those friends who makes poor decisions and is always convinced that the worst ideas are indeed the best ideas ever? Everyone has one friend like that. I was that friend. Luckily, I also had this other friend. She was safe and thoughtful and didn't really like to break laws.
As we grew up she kept me out of trouble (mostly, I mean...I was pretty convincing with some of my schemes) Any way, due to the wonder of Skype, I got to catch up with her for a whole two and a half hours today! WAHOO!!! It's always fun to catch up, and I love talking to someone and having it feel like it's only been for a bit, just to discover hours have passed. That's a friend you keep around.
So today, I have a glorious shot of this friend's dog. (I forgot to ask her if I could post a picture of her) But in all fairness, this dog is the love of her life, next to her husband, so I'm sure getting him some web attention won't be a problem. And look at him... isn't he the cutest damn thing you ever saw?

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