Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I intentionally froze my ass off..

This was an old as post, form LAST LAST FEBRUARY, as in a year and a half ago. Seeing as I am getting into this blogging thing again, I figured I should actually post this.
 Not sure why I didn't post if before!

My mate Laura and I went to Harbin, an essentially frozen city in northern China. 

We went to see the Ice Sculpture Park and the Snow Sculpture Park. It's the reason you go. They carve up the frozen Songhua River into chunks and cart it to the sculpture park so that they can build HUGE structures and sculptures. And I mean massive. Proper buildings, made of ice. And if that isn't too much work, they go on ahead and wire lighting all throughout the ice blocks so the entire building lights up. I mean, why build ice buildings unless they light up? It was awesome and insane, as you can see below.

So yeah, intentionally froze my butt off to see this. And it was totally worth it.