Saturday, November 19, 2011


So I've mentioned my living-in-sin partner as PB on this here blog thang. Why PB you ask? It's short for polar bear. Why call him polar bear? Conjure up the picture of a polar bear in your mind right now. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Got it?

Good. Now thing of three words to describe said polar bear. Again, I'll be waiting over here...

What where those words you came up with? Mine are big, white, and furry. Can you guess what PB is? If you guessed big, white (and I mean WHITE, as in one step away from see through), and furry you are correct! PB also happens to LOVE the cold. If is too cold for most to be comfortable, he's in shorts and a tee-shirt. He's strange like that.
He also puts up with me. In case you've not figured this out yet, I'm a bit odd. I say random things and have the energy of a four year old on a sugar high- but only at the most random of times. Hence, this is what PB looks like after most of our conversations. But I cook for him, so he has no choice but to stay.

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