Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movember Main Event

On Friday, we had an Elementary School Assembly. The culminating event was when a coworker of mine shaved his head. Now, to be fair, it wasn't a random moment. He's been raising money for Movember and said if enough money was donated, he'd shave his head. This man has had long hair for 25 years! 25 YEARS! Of course, he's trimmed it so it's not all nasty bits, but it still is almost shoulder length. His wife had actually not ever seen him with short hair. She's a bit nervous. With grand pomp and circumstance, he entered the room...

Yes, he is wearing a red satin robe. Look at all that hair!

So he prepped the cut by putting his hair in pigtails and spoke a bit more about raising money for charity. He raised a load of money for cancer research- wahoo!!

And honestly, what is a fundraiser without the Smurfs? Apparently it was wild and crazy day in the middle school, so they channeled their inner Smurf and then came as a whole gang to donate money. How awesome is that?! When was the last time you saw the Smurfs up close and personal?
All in all, it was hilarious and shocking to watch all that hair fall off. I'll have to get a better shot of his shaved head for you later, as he was COVERED in fur hair when they were done. It made him look a lot like a baby bear. Who says work is boring?

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