Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So close...

So here's another catch up session. Only a few more entries and then this wonderful challenge will be complete. ABOUT DARN TIME! Perhaps this challenge is good for me. I'd say it makes me less of a procrastinator, but that's a dirty lie. You do need to know that If this project were work related, it would be done on time; early even. I need to get better about posting on this here bloggity blog blog. Back to the task at hand.
Day 18: Drink

Yes, I live in Beijing. And yes, I consume copious amounts of Starbucks. In some cases, I love capitalism. I started to take a car when the weather got cold. Guess what is made easier when you have a car? Morning trips to Starbys! There is a pretty standard text message that goes back and forth between my ride share friend and I:
Person 1: Feeling the need for starby speed?
Person 2: Hells yes
Person 1: Woo Hoo!

Thus, my daily drink lately. I know it's a Venti, but it's a tea, so it's not nearly as guilty. I get tea if we go more than once a week.I only get the mega guilty drinks once a week. (I'm not a saint and the caramel macchiato is delish!)

Day 19: Something I Hate to Do
Laundry- not specifically the washing and drying, but taking it from this stage: 

To this stage:

I LOATH folding clothes. When I was in Cairo, I would let my laundry sit on the drying rack until I wore it again. I wouldn't fold it until my flatmate had to use the drying rack. Luckily, PB and I have the worlds MOST WONDERFUL ayi (housekeeper) and she washes and folds all my clothes. I adore her. And the fact that she does all the folding. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Day 20: Handwriting
This is an example of my sloppy handwriting as I did a massive "things I need to do at home in no particular order write down brain dump thing". I have a weird mix of cursive and manuscript- pretty much I can't write in just cursive or just manuscript. 
I like to type things- a lot. Fonts are more fun.

Day 21: Fave Photo of Me
I am not a photogenic person.My lip does this funny lift up on one side thing when I smile, like I want to be Elvis or something. As a result, I usually act supremely goofy, make a ridiculous face or simply hide behind someone taller. This photo right here is a fabulous example of that whole ridiculous faces thing. I'm cool like that.

Day 22: Where I Work

This is my classroom. I pretty much live in this room, so I thought a video would be more appropriate instead of just one photo. Sorry for the shakiness- this seemed a whole lot less shaky on my flipcam. My apologies. 

And... I'm up to date! BOO YA! I will be posting another picture tomorrow. Really. Now that I'm all caught up it can only get better. Although, I wonder, is this as interesting when you only get to see one photo at a time? What do you think?

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