Saturday, February 25, 2012

Only a few days left...

I won't even apologize for having three days worth of photo challenge on one post. Let's be honest, you've come to expect it. 
Day 24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet
Truthfully, no one should be surprised that my things are in labeled boxes. I like a tidy cabinet. It makes me happy. It also makes my super quick getting ready even quicker. There are days when I only throw on my concealer and cheek tint- the other boxes are untouched.(really, that's most days)Sometimes I get fancy and put on some eye shadow, venturing out to use things in the other boxes. I'd use a bag, but things get all ajumbled in a bag and if anything ever broke, EVERYTHING would get all make-upy. 
The other cabinet holds all the body washes/soaps that smelled nice to me at the time. I am an impulse smelly things buyer. If I like it, I buy it. So I have a lot. Really, this looks like a normal amount, if you don't look at all on the bottom shelf of the other cabinet...
Day 25: Green
Double green for this one! Here in Beijing, we get charged for each plastic bag we need at the grocery store (a good idea for anywhere, I think, to make people bring reusable bags). The grocery store also sells "green bags" which are, actually green in color. Every Sunday we load up our two bikes with the green bags we have, do our grocery shopping and then bike home. This was this Sunday's take- pretty impressive for two people on bikes, no? I was impressed. I was also pleased that the weather was so lovely. Winter has not been my favorite season to be all earth friendly and bike to the store. 
Day 26: Night
A few night shots from my trip to Hong Kong. Serious love for that city. It's definitely on my radar as a place to live...

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