Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Fun

So I've seen this photo post thingamabobber here floating around on the interwebs. And I've decided to participate- so I have 8 days of catching up to do! Luckily, I decided to participate a while ago, but was only lazy in the posting of them on my blog. This post may seem long, but really it's mostly pictures, just keep scrolling down, I promise the next post won't be nearly as long! Here's the "map" for the month of photos.

My View:
Yes, that's my couch. Yes, it's taunting me with it's mess and things that need to be put away. I will clean it off. Honest.

Words: I spent my day knitting, and this is part of the pattern that I was reading. I love knitting and the winter weather here in Beijing pretty much demands that nights be spent cozy on the couch with some amazing yarn.

Hands: It was manicure time! I gave myself a manicure today, here's the results. You don't get to see my right hand- I've not perfected painting with my left just yet. 

A Stranger: I don't have a photo! EEK! I do, technically, but it's a old photo and not authentically February. I will do my best to get a stranger shot this month.

10am: SKYPE TIME! I spent almost all day skyping with my family and friends. Love modern technology.

Dinner: Yes, we really do eat like this every night. I am one of those crazy folks who loves to cook and make things from scratch. This is Vietnamese tofu noodle salad.

Button: This is the button off my winter coat, which is worn more hours a day then I'd like it to be, but it is winter. 

Sun: It was a really sunny, nice day here in Beijing! BONUS! February has been cold, but really sunny and fabulous this month, so I'm loving it. I know this isn't technically the sun, but I LOVED seeing the blue sky again, so that's what you get.

PHEW! All caught up. Now I am off to do some more knitting!

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