Monday, February 13, 2012

More Photos and Life

I thought I'd be better about this, I really did. I hoped that I would be super prompt and put the photos up every day. Turns out I'm just a photo-posting liar. I apologize. I will try my best to improve, but lets not hold our breath, shall we? So where were we? Ah yes, Day 9: Front Door
This is my front door. It still has the fall themed wreath on the door. I made it out of the leaves around our house when I was in love with fall. I haven't found any winter decorations that call to me, and I feel bad for my large, lonely white door. I think it needs a little pizazz. I should take down the fall leaves, but they at least give the door something; plus it totally helps people find my house. I do live in suburbia, after all.

Day 10: Self Portrait
I spend my day looking down a lot. Not in the negative way, but in the way that I work with 6 year olds (they are short), work on my computer, knit and cook. A lot of those activities have me focused while looking down. I took this on my MacBook while I was knitting. Apparently this is what I look like when I'm focused. Who knew?

Day 11: Something That Makes Me Happy
 Oh my gracious, this was a tough one for me! I was looking around and I realized I am very blessed to a comfortable lifestyle and fun friends to share it with. The most recent thing that makes me happy is actually an app on my mobile! It allows me to text my two best mates for free! Seeing as how one is in Des Moines, IA and the other one is in Egypt, this app is AWESOME! Anytime I think of them I can text them. FOR FREE! WAHOO!

Day 12: My Closet
I don't really have a traditional American "closet" here in China. I have a tiny half closet thing that holds my boxes of summer clothing and a chest of drawers. The closest thing I have to a closet is my armoire. Yes, I am slightly anal retentive about where my clothes are. My shirts are organized by type then length. I have jeans folded up top and there are tops and sweaters folded along the side. This Armoire hold pretty much all my winter school clothes and some hoodies. My casual clothes are in the drawers in my bedroom. Luckily my armoire is in the room next to my bedroom so I don't have far to walk in the morning. 

These would be those thicker sweaters that one does not hang, due to dreaded hanger marks that they would have if I hung them. 

And my tiny shoes. I'll be honest, I've got some pretty dinky feet. But they are obscenely wide (totally not pretty) As a result, I love flats with elastic around the back. They actually stay on my wide feet without flopping off like flip-flops. I'm not one for heels. If you taught grade one, you would not wear heels to work either. 

Alright. Almost all caught up! I'll post more tomorrow. Really, I will! I'm 75% positive that I will post tomorrow. You should check back. It could happen.

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