Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Saturday

There is something about the first Saturday of Spring Break that is magical. I know that it seems to be the same as every other Saturday; but this one is full of potential. All because everything I normally try to squeeze into two weekend days can now be done in ONE WHOLE WEEK. Insert extreme relaxation here. So I began this particular Saturday with a cup of tea and a bagel, along with a fabulous amount of time reading. After my busy morning of reading and relaxing, I had a massive chocolate/sweet craving. I know, I could've taken the time to bake something, but when I opened my cupboard and saw this cast of characters, I knew all I would need is a spoon. Please don't judge, but I have to admit that Mallow Fluff and Nutella (or NuCreme if you're me) are an amazing combo add the classic peanut butter, and life is only good. Try it, I dare you not to love it.
The weather is lovely today, so I'm off to enjoy a little sunshine. Have a fabulous weekend!

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