Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last 2 Days!

Sorry about the lateness for on this post, but my internet was DANG slow at my house, so I couldn't upload all this fun stuff. But it's finally uploaded, wahoo! 
Day 28: Money
While technically this isn't money, it's worth a lot of money and I just got it, so when I look at it I think of money. That said, it's totally money in another way. You know, when people say "that's so money!" when something is awesome. Because my new bubble tuk tuk is awesome. It goes zoom zoom and has a cover to protect me from the cold. Bonus, it has room for passengers. 
Well, more like passenger, but it's still FABULOUS! 
Day 29: What I'm Listening To
 To go along with my recent purchase, I've been rockin' out to this Paul Simon classic. You know you love it. Everyone needs some Paul Simon in their day. Enjoy!
The February Photo Challenge is complete. PHEW! However much I complained about posting photos and such daily, I did really like the motivation to post almost every day. Let's hope I can keep it up!

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