Monday, January 30, 2012

I promise I work!

So I just got back from a week in Vietnam. I do work, I promise! I came back from my winter break in New Zealand and taught for two weeks, then we got a week off for Chinese New Year. It's a lunar based holiday, so it moves around. PB and I (mostly PB) had looked and looked for tickets to travel with our friends but the tickets were outrageous and we couldn't get tickets home. We waited a bit and wouldn't ya know it- the travel gods smiled on us and flights opened up. We packed our bags and left Beijing Saturday morning. We had a LONG day of travel ahead of us; Beijing to Shanghai, Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC to our the island Phu Quoc. We arrived on Sunday morning and beachy relaxing began. I consumed copious amounts of books and burnt the most random swatches of skin. No matter how many coats or how much I think I put on, the sun always finds a way to singe the most awkward parts of my body. LIKE ONE HALF OF MY LEGS! That's right folks, I successfully burnt just the left half of both my legs. I'm cool like that. Burnt skin aside, I loved the sun and sand. After 4 days at the beach we headed back to HCMC, where our friends Jason and Jen live. They were kind enough to let us crash on their couch, and show us around town. Great friends, no? We explored the city and I must say, it's a cool place. Fun place to explore, loads of restaurants and great shops- filled with CHEAP, fabulous things. I may or may not have purchased a knock-off North Face day pack for five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS! Even if it breaks, it was totally worth the five dollars. I also fell in love in Vietnam. A bold statement, to be sure. But a factual one none the less.
Meet the ca phe sua da. Iced deliciousness (yes, deliciousness is a word, deal with it). First, start with a glass of ice, then pour in a bit of Vietnamese coffee (which is dark, rich, and delicious) and the douse with an obscene amount of sweetened condensed milk, top with more coffee. It's a big 'ol glass of love. It's possible that I had at least 2 of these every day. I know, it's terribly fattening and bad for me. But it just tastes soo good! Luckily, I bought some coffee to bring back with me so I can "rarely" make these. Mwahahaha! Rarely every morning until I run out of coffee! But I promise to also start working out to balance out the bad. And maybe (maybe) only make the love coffee on the weekends. It's all in the name of compromise. Which I should probably focus on more, lets be honest. So now it's back to work, for at least a little while anyway. I've got to get my kiddos back on track with the whole learnin' thangs business and teach them songs for our show in two weeks. Complete with costumes and dances. Yes, I am slightly crazy. On that note, time to make some love coffee; it makes it easier to be crazy. Trust me!
And this is what happens when I get a little too crazy on the Photoshop! Wahoo!

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