Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back from hiatus (kinda)

Sorry about the hiatus, but I've been in New Zealand for three weeks. I know, how lucky am I to get to type that?! To live that? As a teacher who lives abroad, we tend to get longer breaks and we use these breaks as an excuse to travel as much as we can. Yet another bonus to teaching internationally. PB and I traveled throughout the North and South Island, loving every minute of it. I must have picked out 7 places I wanted to live. If only I could make loads of money doing nothing but traveling the world and reading. Perhaps some baking though in there. But I digress. Really this is a teaser post, as I am going on holiday again, this time to the island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Rough life, I know. On a side note, while in NZ, we hiked Fox Glacier and I got to wear a fun set of ass-kicking boots, complete with metal cramp-ons (which are metal spikes that help you cling to the ice). Sorry you can't see the spikes very well, I'll have to do some tweaking in Photoshop... but that's for another day.

So come this Saturday its off to sit on a beach, read, and hang out with some mates from my old school in Cairo. I'll leave you with proof that I was actually active on my holiday. Yeah buddy, I'm on the top of a glacier, and I hiked to get there!

Good thing I have a whole week to be on the beach and recover from all that exercise. Phew!

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