Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So last night I am sitting on the couch, being a lazy bum, (like ya do) when I hear "LIZARD!" It's spring here in Beijing, and sometimes that means we get visitors. In this case, it was a "lizard". Now, let's define, lizard, shall we? When my ever so strong and brave PB yelled "LIZARD!", he was looking at something more akin to a tiny gecko. And I mean TINY. Smaller than my pinkie finger in length and not even as wide for the most part. While I was scooping up said tiny, (and in my opinion adorable) visitor,  I was reminding PB that it's just a baby and he doesn't need to panic, after all he is a bajillion times bigger than the tiny lizard- really, I did the math- his brave, strong response was "Whatever, I don't like lizards." as he walked in his man cave and shut the door. So yeah, in this household, I do things like trap lizards and repair things. He opens jars and reaches things on the high shelves. It's a system. It works for us. 

Tonight's hilarity happened during dinner. Essential Background Knowledge:When we moved in there was a bit of water on our dining room floor that had leaked from an old cooler that was later removed. Over time, this spot has become very soft and the wood has started to rock a bit in as you walk on it. So PB was bargaining for desert (he wants more than is a responsible adult amount and tries to ask for more every night) While he was holding a cookie in his hand, he was attempting to open a container of brownies and not paying attention to where he was stepping. He stepped right in the soft part of the floor. Immediately he threw his arms out for balance and said "Woah- falling through the floor- probably should just stick to one cookie!"
I proceeded to laugh until I couldn't breath while he fell into the basement through the hole he made in the floor. Not really, but damn that would been even better; maybe next time!

I will put up the photo a day for April stuff up later. Really. Soonish, honest.I've been putting them up on instagram- you can check it out. I'm freckledynamo on instagram too.

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