Friday, June 1, 2012

half-awake hilarity

So this morning, the alarm goes off at some ungodly hour and I LEAP out of bed (kung-foo style, as PB describes it) and here's how it went:
Me:Why are we up so early, it's still dark outside?!
PB: I had to get up early.
Me: But why are we up so early?
PB: I have to grade papers and shit.
Me: But why are we (inner thought; I) up so early?
PB: I'm leaving.
PB: (as he walks down the stairs to his man-cave): You can go back to bed. You don't need to be awake right now...
Me: Yeah, except for I'm already F***ing awake right now!!

 I then proceed to read in bed and get snatches of sleep for the next two hours. 

As PB and I are discussing this tonight over drinks and dinner, I bring up the EXCELLENT conversation that we had last weekend when I went into our bedroom to grab some clothes while PB was still sleeping.(or so I thought)

PB (while still laying in bed, seemingly asleep, in a mumbly voice): Are those yoga pants?
Me: Uhh... yeah....
PB: Why are you wearing yoga pants?
Me: Cause I was doing yoga.
PB: Really? Cool.
Me: I do lots of things in yoga pants. I slept in yoga pants last night.
PB: Wow.
Me: Go back to bed PB.
PB: okay....

Yep, these are the kind of awesome things that happen when you live with someone. PB validates these moments by saying, "Please don't expect any coherent conversation out of me until at least an hour after I wake up." I ignore this and continue to have some hilarious mornings. However, the next time I get woken up at 4:00am so he can grade, someone is going to suffer.

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