Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Week and a Half of Mayhem

So I'm a teacher, you know, tiny people, shaping lives, all that jazz. And its the end of the semester, which means that we've got reports due (one page narratives for each little gnome I have in my room) and that means that my desk, brain, and life look like this:

A big, blurry, confused mess. Luckily I've just finished writing my reports and have entered them into out fabulous grading system, so freedom is mine once again.

Since I was so busy, you are just going to have to be content with photos and small captions. Deal?
Good talk.

Recently, I don't even remember when, I watched Love Actually and put up my Christmas tree. (thanks to my mate, Carly, for that fabulous idea!) I love that movie.  And I love having a real tree that is not made of paper and adheared with sticky-tak to our wall.  So here's my first legit tree since movin' abroad. 

(insert oooh and ahh here now)

2 Christmases ago, I was in India and I picked up this glorious textile. I've been carrying it around with me since I purchased it. I had it framed here in Beijing and it was just delivered. I love the way it turned out! So glad it turned out well and I can't wait to hang it, or rather call someone larger and stronger with proper tools to hang it. Must to that soon. 

After three days of ordering out so that I could get my reports sorted, we needed some greenery in our tummies. I'm all for splurging, but there is only so many carbs one can take before exploding. (PB might disagree, but I make the call on food, so he has no say in this matter) So tonight, PB hopped in the kitchen and became a vegetable chopping machine, so that we could enjoy a lovely chicken salad with peanut-soy dressing. Recipe to follow, when I'm not feeling so lazy. 
My apologies, but a girl has to catch up on her TV shows, after all!

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  1. Love the tree.

    Love that you watched Love Actually while decorating said tree.

    Love, love, love that textile. If that thing ever makes it back to this country, I'm probably going to steal it. Seriously. I loooooove it.