Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello Winter

So winter has begun to arrive. It's officially snowed a few times now and the temperature has consistently dropped. I know, from the above picture it just looks like I painted the picnic table, however, I assure that is not what happened. It was actual snow. And it melted by the end of the day. However, now it's started to get legitimately cold, -8 celsius(I know all of you Midwesterners are laughing at my low tolerance). But let me ask you this; how many of you bike to work? That's that I thought. I am all for bundling up, but not for biking through the cold and wind. And man, is it WINDY here! Phew! I thought it was windy at UNI, but it is actually windier here. Or at least it feels like it when I'm biking. Even when I'm all bundled up. I am supremely bundled, see? (sorry for the bad quality, but it was taken in my camera phone, which may or may not have had some snow on it)

So, I started taking a taxi to school this week. The Iowa girl in me laughs at how silly I am being about the cold. The-living-in-Cairo-for the-last-three-years girl in me can't believe I lasted this long. So, my beloved bright green bike will have to be retired until the weather gets warmer. Sorry girl, but I just can't take the cold. I'll see you again in March. 

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